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  • Black Shadow
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    The Serial Killer known as Red Smile has killed one man's entire family to make a point. Now, this man decides to take matters into his own hands... Read More
  • Shade
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    After a gang tried to rape Lucia, detective Mason is investigating the event. But he seems more interested in Shade than the case... Read More
  • Psypher
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    Psypher was a superhero who died five years ago at the hands of the Living Nightmare. Now, somebody else has taken up the mantle... Read More
  • Nightfighter
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    The truth about Nightfighter's suit is out, the cyborgs have attacked our heroes at their weakest and the fight is not going so well... Read More
  • Orchid
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    While trying to escape the warehouse she was being held in, Orchid made her way to the streets. But now she is being shot at... Read More
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About Heroes of the Void

Mature superhero comics - Updates on weekdays. Our stories are meant to be enjoyed by older teens and adults for display of violencedrug abuse and some nudity. All our content is free and will stay free.

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  • Mon

    Last Week Tonight

    49 hitsEzekiel Rage20 October 2014

    We have another great week ahead of us, in terms of comic books. Today we updated Nightfighter, Tuesday we have Orchid as usual, Black Shadow does his thing on Wednesday, Thursday updates the Future with Shade and Friday brings the Horror with Psypher. So nothing fancy, really. Next week however there might be some slight fancy happening ;)

  • Mon

    Welcome back!

    78 hitsEzekiel Rage13 October 2014

    Another week of comics is at our door and I hope for you it's a good one :) Regular update schedule without anything out of the ordinary so yeah, enjoy your week and see you around my friends^^

  • Mon

    First Full October Week

    128 hitsEzekiel Rage06 October 2014

    Welcome to our first full October week and hello to all new reades :) This week, like every other week, we update monday through friday. Monday is Nightfigther, Tuesday is Orchid, Wednesdayis Black Shadow, Thursday is Shade and Fridays is Psypher. So enjoy your week with our comics :)

  • Wed

    Welcome to Void Comics 2.0

    210 hitsEzekiel Rage01 October 2014

    Welcome to our new home!

    Isn't it pretty? We invested a lot of time and work to bring you the new design today! This is our 2 year anniversary and many things have changed. On October 1st 2012 we launched with three comics and just a few pages. Today, we have a total of 8 books, hundreds of pages and dozens of creative people bringing you the best in superhero webcomics.

    So what is new on Void Comics 2.0?

    Well, first of course we have a completely new design that is fully responsive. It has been tested on a lot of computers, browsers, tablets and phones and even the Wii U. So no matter where you are or what device you use, we got you covered.

    The new frontpage now always shows you our current comics with a nice rotating banner. The comic of the day is the first banner you'll see. Also, you no loner have to click on the latest page to access the latest issue which makes browsing and reading so much more enjoyable. Also you'll now find buttons for all of our comics below our info bar, so if you missed out on one of our titles you can catch up on the entire archive that way.

    Each comic now has its title displayed on top of every page and the credits for the page below it. Every page is connectd to our Google+ account so you can comment on every single page via Google+ if something catches your eye. If you don't want to use that service, the shoutbox is back as well so you can post there as well. The wiki has been integrated into our page now, so you no longer have to leave here to read up on our stuff.

    The films page has survived the trip without changes and is as accessible as ever. Our sidebars are redesigned and easier to navigate and you can now help us out by voting simpler than ever.

    But wait, there's more!

    To celebrate this day, we present to you our newest title: PSYPHER! Yes, we have a new book out and it is sure to blow your mind! Psypher is our new ongoing title and as such updates evey friday!
    But friday is Dark Mist day, I hear you say. Well, not any more. Dark Mist has completet her current run and because of that you can now read all of her stories on the website right now! Furthermore, we updated Black Shadow and Shade as well so you can enjoy all of this weeks comics right now!

    We also put in a nice little link to our Comixology page where you'll be able to buy our comics neatly organized in issues, in ultra High Quality and of course DRM free for only 99 cents per issue. To stay fair to all of ourreaders, the Comixology issues are exactly the same as the website issues, content wise, the only difference is the ultra high image quality and the fact that you get the full issue. This is a way to directly support the artists, as the money earned will go directly towards them!

    We now set up our individual Social Network sites to bring you even more content! Google+ will update every weekday, just like the website so even if our site is down or something is wrong, you will still ge your comics without delay! Facebook will serve as our Extra Art place, where you can (and should) check out Fan Art, Wallpapers and sketches. Head right over using our new social buttons on the top of the page to check out new Wallpapers!

    Last but not least, here is our new update schedule. We update weekdays, Monday through Friday at around 6am New York Time, that would be noon in Europe or 7pm in Tokyo. As before, our updates are Nightfighter on Mondays, Orchid on Tuesdays, Black Shadow on Wednesdays, Shade on Thursdays and as of today Psypher updates on Fridays.

    So once again, welcome to Void Comics 2.0 - Enjoy your stay!

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