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Our comics are meant to be enjoyed by older teens and adults for display of violence, drug abuse and minor nudity.

News from the front

EzekielRage . 14 April 2014

So Raven/Black Shadow has been updated with a regular page for you to enjoy. Nightfighter has been updated as well but today it's witout color. At least for the time being the colored version will come soon, no worries. Life is stressful for all of us. THe good news is you can enjoy Richards lines in their pure for for a bit :)

EzekielRage . 08 April 2014

So did you enjoy yesterdays pages? New Raven/Black Shadow, new Nightfighter? We also updated the Wiki and uploaded tons of art onto our facebook page and created a PREVIEWS folder there - so regularly check our facebook page to maybe see a future update in the making :)

Today we are back with our regular update schedule, that means Orchid and her continuing adventures inside the A.S. Industries complex. I hope you enjoy this page, tell your friends and see ya tomorrow :)

EzekielRage . 07 April 2014

Todays update schedule comes in two big parts. Technically it's three parts but  that doen't matter. Anyways, we start todays schedule now, with the new Raven/Black Shadow page. This is for all of you out there who continuously support that title. I don't want it to be overshadowed by the new Nightfigther page so for now this is the lone update.

Later today I will make a small stealth update to the Facebook page. Also, you should check out the wiki in general for it has replaced a lot of other sections on the site and has wallpapers and stuff. So check that one out when you are done here.

And later today, in the evening I suppose I'll upload the new Nightifghter page. There won't be a blog post about it so just check back around 5-6pm Mountain time. For every non american out there that would be in six to seven hours^^

EzekielRage . 02 April 2014

Of course yesterdays news was a joke. come on the page was horrible, I made that in paint with the mouse in a minute or so. But you knew that already. So wher does this leave Nightfighter?

The title will continue on monday as advertised. Every monday one page until the storyline is over. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, just solid storytelling. Same goes for all our comics by the way - we update five days a week, monday through friday and each day sees a new page of one of our titles.

Todays title is Black Shadow as you know so head over and check out the new page. Enjoy this smooth run because soon things will get very dark for Brian.

Also I wanted to tell you that I have decided to extend the break between issues from one to two weeks. The reason is that i think it gives the end of an issue/the start of the new issue more impact. One week is pretty short considering we have 6 comics each week and three weeks would be too long so I figure two weeks is good. We do start each issue with a cover and a new page so it fits. But for the time being we have no new issues starting so this is just a heads up for the future.

With that being said, enjoy todays Black Shadow page, tell your friends, check out our Facebook page and see ya tomorrow^^

EzekielRage . 01 April 2014

And he is better than ever! Many of you will agree that Nightfigther has always been the greatest superhero of them all. I get thousands of mails every week, some nice ones and some not so nice ones about his return, espcially when will he return and who will draw him? Well, today I can announce the new creative vision for the title you simply CAN'T afford to miss!

The brilliant new art is provided by the great Hilaria, the spanish master of retro-modern comic art. We were lucky enough to get him for our little comic book as he happens to be a fan! He already provided art for famous french comics like Poisson D'avril by Eloy d'Amerval or the swedish Aprilsnar. His career spans decades and it is a HIGH PRIVILEGE to call him our new ongoing main artist for art and colors!

These powerful artworks are almost too good to be tainted by my lowly writing. I am sure we can all agree on that. So I am GLAD to announce that Nightfigther will be told in poctures only from here on out! No more dialogue - the visuals speak for themselves and words could only lessen such a masterpiece!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy todays Nightfighter page! Tell your friends and know that there are many more to come :)