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News from the front

EzekielRage . 23 September 2014

Very dramatic title or just another update? Well, anotehr update of course :) As of today, Orchid changes colorists, as Mizzy is done with her pages. Very huge thanks to her! KichiMiangra is taking over and if that name sounds familiar, that's because she already did the other batch of Orchid Pages in Issues 1 and 2! So give her a huge welcome back as we move forward :)

Alos, Nightifgther will continue with colors from here on out. The great and brilliant Katsumasu, who already deliveres fantastic Shade colors (You can check out  his work on shade already) has jumped in and takes over Nightfigther from here. He will continue to do so until the scheduled change and also re-color the black and white pages we have so far.

So enjoy the rest of the week and remember: MASSIVE update incoming on October 1st, our 2 year anniversary. DO NOT MOSS THIS!

EzekielRage . 18 September 2014

For over a year now, KoJuls did the amazing colors on Shade. Today, this era of brilliance has come to an end, as KoJuls delivered her last page to us. I want to take this time to say a warm thank you to her and her brilliant work and I am sure there will be lots more of her in the future :)

That being said, please welcome Katsu to the team. He will be taking over coloring duties for Shade, and you can enjoy this work on todays page alongsie KoJuls. Do you know who colored what? As you can see, the comic is in great hands with this guy. Check out his deviantArt profile and leave him a message.

EzekielRage . 15 September 2014

Oh boy how time flies. In just two weeks, we have our two year anniversary! That's right, we've been doing this for two years already! To celebrate this, we of course prepared some new and cool stuff for you folks. There will be some great things coming so be sure to check back a lot, especially come October 1st ;)

EzekielRage . 02 September 2014

So you might have realized I did not write a blog post yesterday. We updated on time and I was very busy so I figured I'd write it today. So yeah, regular update week, nothing fancy, really. I hope you like it and see you around^^

EzekielRage . 25 August 2014

We have a new week, that means we have five new comics for you to enjoy :) Great :) Today we start with Nightfighter and if this page is any indication, there will be some serious action going on in the weeks to come!

Tuesday we have Orchid and she is in a tough spot as well. The question is, can she get out of it? Wednesday is Black Shadow day and there might be a lead to Red Smile!

Thursday is Shade day and we all love Shade day! Friday continues Dark Mists march to her death. So you got a lot to look forward to, my friends :)