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Our comics are meant to be enjoyed by older teens and adults for display of violence, drug abuse and minor nudity.

News from the front

EzekielRage . 28 July 2014

Welcome to a new week of Void Comics. This week we update all comics again, except Dark Mist because she is on ehr scheduled two week break. Today we start with Nightfighter and for those of you who hope he get's some action in his new suit soon fear not, as he will - very soon even :)

Tuesday sees the new issue of Orchid, Wednesday continues with Black Shadow, Thursday sees a new issue of Shade so be there and don't miss it!

Did you know we are on facebook, tumlbr and Google+ of all things? No? Well then head over and check them out!

EzekielRage . 25 July 2014

Man, this week really has it! Dark Mist Story 4 is now finished! That means Emilia is on her 2 week break from today on and will be back with a fantastic new storyline on August 15th! Have you read the finale to Raven/Black Shadow yet? You should!

Hit us up on the social medias and enjoy your weekend. See you on monday!

EzekielRage . 24 July 2014

So after almost two years we finally close the book on Raven! It was a very interesting experiment, a very interesting setup of characters and artists to work with and I want to use this opportunity to thank all the wonderful, wonderful people involved with the project.

Wuxy, who was our artist for Issue 1 and did a fantastic job at that Rave, who was our artist for the second issue DidiHer who did the colors for issue 2 and half of issue 3 Miseve who did the art on issue 3 Crayons Hubbard, our fantastic issue 4 artist and of course ChokoJin who did the colors after DidiHer

Those great artists did a wonderful job and joined together for issue 5, something I am very proud of. Thank you guys very much and thanks to you, dear reader, who stuck with us for all this time.

Raven is now going to rest for a while. Black Shadow on the other hand has just started, and you can follow his continuing adventures every wednesday. Please come back often, bring your friends, maybe talk about us when the topic shifts to SDCC and hopefully you enjoy your stay here.

THanks guys, all of you!


EzekielRage . 23 July 2014

The common theme for Black Shadow is Red Smile. Now that the first two issues are behind us, we fnally delve into the action of the current Black Shadow story. Since the crossover with Raven ends tomorrow, it is the perfect time to get into this book. I am sure you will find something to keep you interested in the long run - the slow start will make sense now that the action starts.

As ever please check usout on our socially medias page thingies and enjoy the read :)

EzekielRage . 21 July 2014

After a week filled with more Raven/Black Shadow than ever before we return to a much more regular schedule. At least somewhat. On Monday we update Nightfighter a usual. Tuesday is Raven/Black Shadow and Wednesday is Black Shadow, were we start with Issue 3 so you better not miss this as we finally go into overdrive! Thursday is a very special day as it is the FINAL day we will ever update a Raven/Black Shadow page! Yes, after almsot two years we finally close that chapter - five issues, one hundred pages! Expect a special blogpost that day! And of course friday sees another Dark Mist update, this time we end chapter 4 so that would be the best time to re-visit that particular storyline.

See you around, friends :)