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News from the front

EzekielRage . 18 August 2014

Sorry for the update delay, my internet was not working as it was supposed to. But here we are, finally.

Now this week is a regular week with all comic updating and such. We start with Nightfigther and with a bang - literally, as something explodes. And we all love explosions and booms and such, so conisder this a treat^^

Orchid also sees some action this week as she tries to fight for survival. That is tuesdays comic, of course. Wednesday sees Black Shadow and we are moving closer to the decisio Brian will make regarding Red Smile.

Thursday is Shade day and that is always a good thing, as you know and Friday sees Emilia explaining her plan to be absoutely safe without dying in crime fighting. And we all know how that will go...

EzekielRage . 15 August 2014

This week we start the final Dark Mist story - at least for the time being. That means the following ten weeks will see the last ten pages of the comic for a while! They will be drawn and colored by Ya-Yun and you should really check out her deviantART profile, she is amazing!

Whatever happens to Emilia in this story is up in the air for now, maybe there is yet some hope for her, but you have tor ead to find out. Enjoy your weekend :)

EzekielRage . 11 August 2014

This week is ultra regular, there are no unforseen events, no breaks for any comic, no special to anything. Just an entire week full of new comics directly for you.

On Monday we have Nightfighter doing some revealy bits, on Tuesday Orchid tries to escape her Killers, on Wednesday Brian Warner decides what to do with the man who murdered his family, on Thursday we have some nice Shade going on and on Friday we start a new Dark Mist story and it is phenomenal, you can take my word for that :)

See you around^^

EzekielRage . 07 August 2014

Since Dark Mist is on her scheduled two week break (last week) Shade closes this week. I hope you likeit and see you on monday :)

EzekielRage . 04 August 2014

It is a regular week so there is not much to say. We have Nightifghter, Orchid, Black Shadow and Shade updates this week. So yeah, enjoy your week :)