Heroes of the Void is a shared comic book universe set in an alternate reality where technology has developed differently from ours. Genetic manipulation, cyberbionics and other upgrades are no longer a thing of fiction, but reality. Various powered people inhabit this world and of course not all of them are nice guys.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018 Spike Blog 37
Man, that new concept did NOT work out the way I hoped. I lost followers on all ends. This did NOT work as anticipated. On the other hand, there was a surge in readers over at Line Webtoon so I hope that the readers just switched from the website to webtoon. So this leads me to re-think my publishing strategy for the rest of the year. I will probably to a relaunch of the website come january, slightly revamped design, new comic reader, different focus. Not sure yet, but it will be fun to experiment. As for you, why not support us via patreon, buy our comics in print on amazon or digitally on cimixology? :) See you around, folks^^
Monday, October 01, 2018 Spike Blog 86
Happy anniversary, folks! It's been SIX years since I started this little website and man, what a ride that was :) In those six years we produced over four dozen comic books in multiple series, we put over twenty of those issues out in print via amazon, all of those prints and then some are available digitally on comiXology and other distribution platforms, we created four shortfilms - without a budget I might add - and many more things like posters, books and lithographies. We went from three comics in total to five comics a week and of course we introduced you to many incredibly talented and hard working artists. And after six years, it's finally time for a change! Starting today, on our six year anniversary, comics will be delivered differently from what we did the last six years. And that's a good thing! We are completely revamping the updating schedule for our comics from a weekly based system to a series based system. What does that mean? Well, from here on out we only focus on one single comic per issue. This issue will update three times a week - monday, wednesday and friday obviously - until it's completed. And then we move on without a break to another issue from another comic. That way you, the reader, can read your favorite comic more quickly than before and if you don't see a comic you like, waiting for new upates for the book you do like is less of a problem, as comics are updated more regularly. In the end, you still get the same amount of comics per year but in a much easier to read fashion. In between issues we'll sometimes also publish some sketches and previews of upcoming comics or the current comic. You'll be able to check those out as well. So yeah, that's our big plan for this year. There is more to come of course, as is always but for now I think let's establish our new delivery system and take it from there. If you are a fan of Shade, and why wouldn't you be, Shade will now be the first comic to get this new release schedule. It will update monday, wednesday and friday until the issue is done. So come back often and tell your friends, read us on line webtoon, comixology, in print via amazon and of course check out my twitter feed and support me on patreon if you can. Seeya around^^
Monday, September 03, 2018 Spike Blog 145
Ah, September. I like the fall, it's my favorite season for many reasons: Cons are coming up for me, new TV Shows start, temperatures are lower, wind is coming, new games are coming and of course, our anniversary is coming up^^ I will be at Comic Con Bodensee October 6th for example, but I am getting ahead of myself. There are quite a few new-ish things happening around here. First, know that we are now also available on Line Webtoon so if you have that, you can also read our comics there. It will always be a bit behind since we only upload completed issues there and the exclusives will of course stay on this site but it's nice to read on the phone so there's that. In case you missed it, we are also on ComiXCentral and are looking into Drive Through Comics. So it's a great time to get our comics various ways, from comiXology to even comics in print via amazon. Truly, there is no reason not to enjoy our work, really. And in a few weeks there will be even more stuff, but I am getting ahead of myself again. Anyways, thanks for sticking with us, tell your friends and please support me on patreon. Enjoy your month^^
Monday, August 06, 2018 Spike Blog 169
August is here! - And with it some great new comics :) Hi, how did you spend our little summer break? I myself was hard at work, from moving to making more comics, to finishing a game and some music^^ But now we are back and we bring you some great new content :) First and foremost, the comic schedule: Nightfighter continues as ever on monday, tuesday has a brand new Psypher issue, introducing a new villain! And on thursday, we have a brand new Shade issue for you as well, a little two parter that will end the current Disruptor storyline. So if you're not caught up on what's going on with Shade, now is a good time to read some back issues^^ I have a few more surprises coming up the next few weeks so keep your eyes on this spot, tell your friends about us, maybe buy our comics on amazon or support me on patreon :) See ya^^
Monday, July 02, 2018 Spike Blog 282
Welcome back my friends and I wish you a happy July :) Before we get to the meat of this post let me tell you that there will be no new updates in july - we have completed Psypher and Black Shadow and, like every year, are doing a nice summer break. Updates continue monday, august 6th with Nightfighter, Psypher and Shade, with more Black Shadow following afterwards. Replica is on break but fear not, your fridays will see new comics as well later this year^^ And now, for the meat of the issue: I will be shutting down the facebook account for Void Comics in mid july, simply because it gets very little use. Should you want to stay in contact, talk about the comics or just hang out, there is a discord server for that - https://discord.gg/B4VnSx - you are welcome to join us there :) I also want to make sure you check out our comics on amazon to get some nice printed books - the list of available books is ever growing! Last but not least I'll have announcements for new stuff coming later this year so there is a lot to look forward to. And now I'm off, enjoy your summer^^