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    • Mon

      April's Blog post is late and you will never believe the reason why! Click here!

      126 hitsEzekiel Rage10 April 2017

      Oh my, time flies. Sorry for the delay, I had to start physical therapy for my back and with the way my game development work went, I was rather busy. But the comics go on as ever, maybe a bit later than usual but they won't stop. Not until I am dead. Or the comic is finished. Either way is fine by me (although I would prefer to finish the comic, to be honest).

      All jokes aside, this month is the last month with a three day schedule as Psypher will make his return in May. Yay! Look forward to that as it is a really great issue^^

      As for the rest of april, we have a new comic for you every monday, wednesday and friday, as it should be. Be sure to check us out on facebook and comixology, please tell your friends about us and please vote for us right there on the right side of this screen, unless you read this on mobile for some reason, in that case please scroll down^^

      Many thanks and see you in May^^

    • Wed

      Beware the ides of march o cesar, for they have come but not yet gone

      491 hitsEzekiel Rage01 March 2017

      I always wanted to use ides of march but never got around of doing it. So this is very nice for me^^ 

      So after a few weeks of a few comics on break we finally pick things up again this month. Replica returns on March 10th with a brand new issue and it is a really good one. I would have launched it sooner but the Switch and Zelda as well as Horizon are out this week and I don't know about you but I don't have time for anything else right now XD
      So next week it is^^

      Psypher and Shade are on break, with Psypher probably returning in april and Shade in may. Probably. Perhaps. Maybe. As for other news, I'll be in Vienna in march trying to build up my presence in local comic shops. There is also a comic co in Munich in may which I will attend. Things are happening at a fast pace.

      In case you never checked ot our comixology page, there are some great titles for you there, some are exclusive to that service. Why should you care? Because you would be supporting me greatly. I have a Patreon, in case you are wondering. A little support goes a long way, Also, Check us out on the facebooks^^

      With that being said, I hope you have a great month. See you around^^

    • Mon

      The February Man on the cherry blossom mountain

      617 hitsEzekiel Rage06 February 2017

      Time flies it's not even funny anymore. I can barely keep up with everything. I think I should lose a few pounds, maybe that helps. Either way, we have a whole new month, albeit a short one ahead of us so let's dive right in^^

      Nightfighter continues with more revelations. This issue reveals pretty much all unanswered questions about the recent past. It is very vital to the overall story :)
      Psypher is still on break this month but the wait is worth it, trust me on this^^
      Black Shadow, as you know, returned a few weeks ago and is already going strong. Now is the best time to jump right in :)
      Shade is coming to an end with this issue. The title will be on break for a while after this.
      Replica is on break for this month and will return in March :)

      In case you never checked ot our comixology page, there are some great titles for you there, some are exclusive to that service. Why should you care? Because you would be supporting me greatly. I have a Patreon, in case you are wondering. A little support goes a long way, Also, Check us out on the facebooks^^

      Thats it already, short month, short blogpost. See you on the other side :)

    • Mon

      A new year: How January came to be

      916 hitsEzekiel Rage02 January 2017

      Welcome to a new year my friends, I hope you had your own way of celebrating. As you can clearly see we are done with the title puns and now go into the "Implement the month into a title that could fit right into an anime" type of headline. Yeah, it will be a crazy year^^

      For starters, let me tell you what we have planned for the forseeable future :)

      First, Black Shadow returns this week with a brand new issue. It stars a new storyline that will be quite tasty. Replica returns in late February as well with a new issue and it is a looker, let me tell you. For most of the winter there will be three comics updated: Nightfighter, Black Shadow and Shade. Psypher is on break and Replica will kick off once Shade is completed. So there is lot's of good stuff coming.

      In case you never checked ot our comixology page, there are some great titles for you there, some are exclusive to that service. Why should you care? Because you would be supporting me greatly.

      I also have a Patreon, in case you are wondering. A little support goes a long way^^

      Now, let's dive into this month :)

      Nightfighter finished today and returns next week with a new issue. Usually we'd have a break in between issues but since pretty much everything is on break, that would mean no new comics and we can't have that.
      Psypher will be on break for a bit. This storyline is completed and as we head into a new issue we'll have new adventures to look forward to startng in spring.
      Black Shadow is back this week with a new issue. A new enemy emerges and a new storyline starts here. Let it be known that if you have a weak stomach, it might not be for you.
      Shade is going strong as we are in the middle of a nice action scene. Punches will be had.
      Replica will beback one Shade is done, probably next month.

      So that's it for now, I hope you have a great new year. Check us out on the facebooks and see you around, my friends^^

    • Mon


      915 hitsEzekiel Rage05 December 2016

      As the year draws its final breath, I am sure many of you celebrate for one reason or the other. I for one look back at a year full of suprises and hard work but also a year full of success. I met great new people at the various cons and we produced some stunning work and amazing comics. And that counts for something :)

      I attended Vienna Comic Con where I met Yaya Han who is just the kindest and best. I produced a Nightfigther book containing the first five issues of the comic in great quality printing. I also produced a small ten page reading sample I gave away for free, introducing the comics to the general public. And since it turned out to be great, I decided to put it on the website as well. It's in the Web Exclusive section, aptly named 'Heroes of the Void' and you can also reach it by simply clicking on the big START HERE button on the top. I hope you read and enjoy it.

      As for the comics, I planned on starting Black Shadow issue six and then decided against it since I wasn't sure if there will be a christmas break and it doesn't make much sense to me to to upload two to three pages and then stop again. So that has to wait until next year when Psypher issue five is over. So for the remainder of the year, here is our schedule:

      - Monday is Nightfighter and will probably continue until the rest of the year.
      - Tuesday is more Psypher as we close out his issue.
      - Thursday is more Shade of course. And who doesn't love more Shade^^

      And please support us on comiXology and check out our facebook page :)

      I hope your year ends well^^

    • Mon

      Eleven, Upside Down

      1105 hitsEzekiel Rage07 November 2016

      Oh my, it's November already. Time truly flies. If only I were on the same plane. Oh well, maybe next month^^

      As we move closer to the end of the year, it turns out plans that were made change quickly. For the time being wednesday and friday stay as they are. Comics are ready but I want to bring a buffer in to avoid having empty gaps or colorless pages again. So yeah, that is a thing for the time being.

      That being said, we still have three amazing comics each week so no reason to be sad. Let's break it down, shall we?

      - Monday is Nightfighter, as ever. No change there :)
      - Tuesday is more Zombie slaying action with Psypher^^
      - Thursday is of course Shade day and we have a nice chase sequence. It will lead into a nice fighting scene ;)

      As ever, please support us on comiXology and check out our facebook page :)

      See you around^^

    • Mon

      Happy Octoberversary

      1249 hitsEzekiel Rage03 October 2016

      We did it, folks, we managed to get through another year. One step closer to the grave, well done ;) Now, usually I do something little on anniversary week, something like an extra comic or a video or whatnot but this year there will be no such thing. The reason is simple: I decided to move this year's event to next year and have twice the specials because next year will be our fifth anniversary. So for this year's fourth, it will be a day like any other. Kinda like your birthday every year since you turned 18 for the third time.

      So we have another ultra regular comic week this week. How disappointing for you, just getting free stuff instead of free special stuff. I am truly evil, let me tell you ;) All jokes aside, with a comic convention coming up it is pretty hard for me to keep schedule already so this week is quite an achievement. I won't be at home for the majority of it and updating while on the road. All for you guys^^

      So today, monday, we continue our investigation into the oft mentioned A.D.S. organisation with Nightstar and Shin. The A.D.S. is an intelligence and military organisation and has been around since the very inception of the comics. You can read more about that on comiXology with our ORCHID comic.

      Tuesday we continue our Psypher issue. This month, like last month, will be Zombie Slayer month so expect more blood, more gore and more metal. Because Psypher is a Metalhead. And why wouldn't he be, metal rocks^^

      Black Shadow is still on break, so no news there.

      Thursday continues our new Shade issue, something nice and cozy for everyone who thinks world peace makes all our problems suddenly go away.

      Replica is on break for the entire month, so take friday off, enjoy the long weekend.

      As ever, check us out on facebook and be sure to drop me a line. I'll be posting con pictures over the weekend^^

    • Mon

      Septembering Promises

      1450 hitsEzekiel Rage05 September 2016

      At one point I'm going to run out of puns. But this day is still far. Meanwhile I'll run them into the ground, probably. But I digress. Welcome back to a new month of comics, dear reader. And what a nice month we have.

      Nightfighter continues to impress with his silence, so I think it's time we change it up a little, wouldn't you agree? This month is side character month. There, just spoiled the hell out of you. You are welcome^^

      Psypher is all up in Zombies and this time he has to bring his A game. If you like slaughtering Zombies, the next few weeks are for you.

      Black Shadow will end his issue this month. It has been a bumpy ride but the future is bright, seeing how we used the downtime to work ahead. He will take a long break and return to you later.

      Shade is back this month and while I don't want to say much, the upcoming issue is really something. The art is by the great Beverly Vithaya and if that name sounds familiar, it is because Beverly did some Nightfigther colors previously as well as colors to our Web Exclusive Raven/Black Shadow crossover. Her art ist stylish and dynamic and it would be a shame if you miss it.

      Replica will end her Issue as well this month. She will also be on break afterwards. And that brings me to the next point I wanted to make.

      Since our 4 year anniversary is quickly approaching, I decided to not do much this year. Usually we have a slew of new comics or specials and whatnot, but this year it will pass silently without much hazzle. I did prepare something but I decided to withhold that for next year when we turn 5 and I want that one to be huge. So while we don't do big celebrations this year, I will do something else: Focus on what we already have.

      While Black Shadow and Replica are on break, I will give their weekday slots to older comics Raven/Black Shadow and Dark Mist, bringing them some much needed attention. Now those comics are already complete and you can read them right now but I figured it would be nice to have them front and center for a few weeks to show them to people who are new here.

      And thats that for this month. Keep reading and see you on the other side^^

      Let's build this universe together :)

    • Mon

      Augustmented Reality

      1692 hitsEzekiel Rage01 August 2016

      Yeah, I know, I'm kinda stretching it but thinking of these month puns is harder than I thought. Anyways, we have a great month ahead of us so let us dive right in.

      We start strong, with both Nightfigther AND Psypher going into new issues. This time, Nightfighter is drawn by the lovely Lea Leia who I actually met at a convention in Vienna -a  very nice lady, you should check out her facebook page. She will be providing the lineart for this issue and let me tell you it is a great issue, with many secrets revealed, secrets I planted back in the very first issue. This is the issue you DO NOT want to miss as it will answer a lot of questions.

      Psypher returns with the second part of our ongoing story with, well, Zombies. THE horror trope if there ever was one got a bit more extreme and only extreme methods can take on a horde of the undead. But what can Psypher do to protect the innocent? You will find out this month. Know that the entire issue has all colors done so there will not be anymore black and white pages for the forseeable future.

      Wednesday is of course Black Shadow day and while he may have one or two black and white pages left, that should not distract you from this epic conclusion to our first storyline. I have to warn you, though, I will not reveal the identity of Red Smile yet. So if you are waiting for that, well, you might want to get used to more waiting. But if you are here for badass superhero action, you are right on the money.

      Thursday would be Shade day, but Jara is taking a vacation this month, heading to the beach with Lucia, watching some hot guys, you know, the good life. She will be back next month with some great new adventures.

      On friday Replica is back and the last few weeks have not been kind to her. Let's just hope this month fares better but to be honest, I think there will be some serious things coming up. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

      And thats it already from me for this month, thanks for sticking with us, check us out on facebook for more updates and catch you all later.

    • Mon

      July Jewels

      1946 hitsEzekiel Rage04 July 2016

      Welcome, welcome, welcome to Void Comics, my name is Spike, just time for a quick recap and we begin this month with Orchid, a comic so few people read, it doesn't even pop up if you google it. Since we did a total overhaul of everyting, we figured we'll put it up as comiXology exclusive. What does that even mean? Well, it means you can buy this great comic on comiXology starting July 6th. All customers get a DRM free copy and you can download it and share it and whatnot. In fact you are very much encouraged to do so^^

      As for the main event, the five wonderful comics you come here every day/week/month/year to read, here is where we are at:
      Nightfighter has one page left to share next monday and after that will be on break for the rest of the month. No word on when he will return, but the comic, Nightstar and Shin will return August 1st :)
      Psypher has been on some sort of black and white acid trip the last few weeks. This will end this month as color returns to the book, just in time for the issue to end. So that's a thing.
      Black Shadow is about to join the black and white train for a bit. Restructuring is taking a toll on all of us it seems. But the book will continue on as ever.
      Shade will finish her issue this month, with regular updates every thursday. It sounds boring to say that all is well but it really is not very boring at all^^
      Replica will also continue as ever and I can only recommend checking that comic out, it is slowly but surely turning into something very epic.

      That's our blog tonight, thank you for joining, please follow us on the facebooks for more updates over the week and see you next month.


    • Wed

      June in for more comics

      2089 hitsEzekiel Rage01 June 2016

      Welcome back my dear friends to another month of comics. And what a great month it will be. Let me begin by saying that yes, I did enjoy the convention and I met some great and wonderful people. If you met me or my lovely fianceé at Comic Salon Erlangen, why don't you drop us a line in the shoutbox?

      As for this month, there are a few things going on. First, we update all five comics, as ever. Nothing out of the ordinary. Later in June, Nightfighter will get his colors back, so there's a reason to celebrate. Working ahead as we do has up and downsides, the downside is that if an artists has no time to spend it can cause quite a problem. But we got through it^^

      June also sees a slight change in our delivery process. Our comic Orchid has been completely recolored, restructured and reworked and will soon be available on our comixology page. Our web exclusive comics will stay, of course, so no worries there, but we did rework all three series, Dark Mist, Monger, Raven/Black Shadow into a unique format. I believe it looks and feels much better this way.

      So that's it for June, see you next week and if you want to keep up to date with smaller news, head over to our facebook page.

    • Mon

      May I interest you in some comics?

      2655 hitsEzekiel Rage02 May 2016

      No, the month jokes won't get old, at least not for now. As I am writing this I am very tired due to working really, REALLY hard on upcoming projects and while not all of those are comic related, most of them are and I want to talk about them. But first things first.

      As you can clearly see, we have run out of color. Color is of limited supply here in Austria so for the time being a few of our pages will be without colors. But that doesn't stop us from uploading them either way, at least for now. This month I'll be on Comic Salon Erlangen, so from May 23rd to May 29th there will NOT be any updates on the website. I may do a facebook entry or two, though so like us there if you haven't already. Until then, though, updates are regularly published without any problems or delays.

      As for my projects, well, I have decided to go back to game development and I am currently planning to release TWO games for Nintendo Wii U. None of those are based on our comics in case you are wondering, but that doesn't mean that such a thing won't ever happen - just not for now. If you want to know more about my game output head over to and check out my games section - it's bigger than I anticipated when I revamped my website.

      In terms of comics, we are adding more and more comics to comiXology as we speak. If you want to support what we do, this is the best way short of a direct donation. This year comiXology will see the release of several new comics not on this website. I made this decision a while ago and shortly talked about it and I'd like to, again, confirm that the current slew of comics will update here on this website as planned without any changes in schedule. The comics on comiXology are mostly stand alone stuff but they are part of the larger universe I am building. Of course every copy you buy comes with a DRM free download - sharing is caring after all.

      Keep your eyes on our facebook page for more updates, my friends.



    • Sat

      April: 2nd try

      2872 hitsEzekiel Rage02 April 2016

      Alright, now that April is really here lets talk about what we have this month: Regular monday through friday updates. Nothing fancy, nothing missing, just regular updates. How delightful^^

      In other news, I will be at Comic Salon Erlangen in may, so come by and visit me there^^

    • Fri

      April: 1st to know!

      2844 hitsEzekiel Rage01 April 2016

      Welcome to another month of Void Comics! I have some great news today! We recently have been in talks with a movie studio about producing movies based on our comics! Yes, you read that right! While nothing is final yet, I can say that we sold the rights to our five mainline titles as well as our Monger series. The studio in question recently produced an incredibly popular Marvel movies and has another Marvel movie with gifted younXsters out this summer.

      Anyways, that means some great changes are in store for our comics! First things first, we will NOT change our comic output: You will still be able to read your favorite comics on this website for free of course. So please look forward to our coming universe-wide reboot with new #1 titles, variant covers and holo-foil extras - those are only available in selected comic book stores. Pre-order now and get a free iconic baseball cap! I also want to take this time to talk about casting decisions. Since we are all about inclusiveness here, we are working really hard to bring you the best casting we can. We are planning to cast many female and black actors in vital roles! For that we have changed the gender and ethnicity of all our characters to be as diverse as we can.

      We want to bring in Chris Brown as the heroic feminist superhero that Nightfighter will become. By his side we'll have Latina Superstar J-Lo as Nightstar and Latino-Lover Enrique Iglesias as the wheelchair-bound Shin.
      For Psypher we decided to cast Halle Berry in the lead. The Golden Raspberry award winning actress will bring the required gravitas to the role of the no-nonsense superhero. The supporting cast will consist of Idris Elba as Melissa and Morgan Freeman as Patrick. We are also working with the team that created the amazing 2Pac hologram to bring him into our movie as Andrea.
      Black Shadow has already been cast, with the talented Canadian superstar Justin Bieber als the titular hero and his slightly more popular countryman Chad Kroeger from Nickelback as his partner Marcus. The movie will focus on their struggle as a lesbian transgender couple in the police force. When Marcus ends up with PTSD due to a twitter fight, Brian takes it upon himself to punish those responsible. Truly an epic and modern take on the characters!
      Indian Bollywood Superstar Katrina Kaif will be playing Shade. Sure, Jara is an Arab American but who cares, those brown people all look the same anyway. We will also cast character actor Scott Bayo as Lucia and instead of being a black transgender woman, Lucia will become a white heterosexual male because that is the image kids of today need to aspire to!

      Miley Cyrus is single again, which means I want to have sex with her. Thus I am casting her as Replica. There simply is no other choice! As for the Professor, in a bid to build our own Cinematic Universe we are casting 2Pac again as Andrea, to bring the two movies closer together.
      Finally, after having three white Monger agents in our comics and short films we finally have the first non-white Monger agent! In this quirky CGI comedy, green Mars-Person BZBVBZB lives in the colorful city of Baltimore and protects the people from the evil Saturn Aliens EAUYUEA and UOEYEOU when they try to get their slimy tentacles on a white young earth boy who is the only one who can save humanity! A dazzling tale of adventure and comedy, with songs written by the great 50Cent!

      So that's it already, some great things to look forward to! Come back to our website regularly and click on the many ads we will put on our page to win great prizes and swag! See you around, my friends!

    • Tue

      March: When we re-begin

      3049 hitsEzekiel Rage01 March 2016

      Welcome back my friends. I hope your wait for us wasn't too painful? We did keep you up to date on our facebook page so if you didn't you can still check that one out^^

      I am sorry for the delay in update today, we host our comics on Google+ and they keep making their service worse in the name of "accessibility" which means they will delete features until even the dumbest monkey in the world can understand it. And since I am one one of those dumb monkeys it took me all day to figure out how to replace a simple option they removed for "convenience's" sake. But now I know and it will help me in the future, or at least until they change it again.

      Anyway, we are back this week with a new Psypher issue. We'll get things rolling in slowly so we'll add a new issue in a staggered launch. The reason for that is simple: We want to avoid another situation where four of our five comics are on break at the same time. So we start with Psypher this week, we bring back Nightfighter and Shade next week and then we bring in Replica the week after that.

      As for Black Shadow, we are currently working on #5 and it is progressing nicely. I have certain plans for this comics, though so in order to ensure everything works as planned, you'll have to wait just a tiny bit longer. That being said, nice things are coming.

      Speaking of nice things for Black Shadow, did a review for Black Shadow #4 and you can read it here:

      Last but not least thanks for being back here with us and I hope you'll find some great new adventures here. There will be a few more changes coming, all of them good though so the future looks brighter than ever^^

      Zars! (Which basically means goodbye for now^^)

    • Mon

      February Updates

      3152 hitsEzekiel Rage01 February 2016

      January is gone and we finished a few of our current comic issues. As you may have seen the last week we only updated Nightfighter with all of our other titles on break. Rather than updating just once a week we decided to take a break for all of February and return on March 1st instead. There are many reasons and upsides to this and I'd like to elaborate on them now.

      First and foremost, it gives us much needed time to create more content. We do have a buffer in place to ensure a smooth update schedule but rather than plowing through that buffer and hoping that we can keep up the schedule the break allows us to work ahead once we return with our comics. Since almost all of our titles have finished their current issues it's not much different than waiting a month for your favorite comic to be released as a book anyway.

      Then of course it gives us time to make improvements to the website. As you may have noticed, sometimes the site is very slow. We are working on that and while we can't guarantee that it will be noticeable faster, we can at least try to speed things up. A small overhaul of our systems will probably make everthing smoother and nicer. 

      Furthermore it will give us time to sort through our backlog. Every now and then we update our old comics to be published on comiXology and for that we need to go back, fix coloring mistakes and spelling errors and of course that will result in updated versions on the website. Doing those things takes time and since we all do this in our free time, time is not a thing we have to waste.

      Last but not least it will help us carve out ways for more new comics which will ultimately mean you get to read more of our stuff, which is always nice. There are so many things one can accomplish in a month, even a short one, so these are the main things we want to tackle in February.

      And of course, we have some things for you this month. Regularly check our facebook page as we will update it with previews and extra art all month long to give you a little tease of what's to come. We have a few nice surprises in store and I can't say too much yet but summer won't be boring this year^^

      Thanks for staying with us, visit us on facebook and see you next month!

    • Mon

      2016 in Void Comics

      3680 hitsEzekiel Rage04 January 2016

      Hello my friends and welcome to a new year of Void Comics. Glad you could make it^^ Let me start by saying thank you for being here. It means the world to us :)

      Now, let me talk a bit about what this year has in store for us. First, we start this new year with our regular update schedule because of course we do. That means Nightfighter on Monday, Psypher on Tuesday, Black Shadow on Wednesday and Replica on Friday. Our Thursday comic Shade is on break due to being done. More issues will come at a later date of course but for now enjoy the five issues we have - the first storyline, if you will.

      Both Psypher and Black Shadow will end their current issues soon, however, with Replica right thereafter. And that is good because we have a few small changes in store. I have been teasing a few changes every now and then and now we finally start implementing them, so please take a moment to read what's coming.

      First, if you check the top menu you'll see that we changed it a bit. The huge START HERE button is basically what you want to click if you are new in the void.
      The menu item called Read Now is where all the new and current comics are available for free for your reading pleasure. This is where most of the updates are happening, really.
      Then we have the Buy Now button which will direct you directly to our comiXology page. The comics in this menu item are only available on comiXology for the time being but don't worry, our prices are very reasonable I believe. More titles will follow eventually and none of them will be available on this website. This is for people who want to support the creators - us. You'll get a DRM free download of the high quality comic if you buy one since we believe in fair sharing. You'll also find some of our mainline comics at the service if you want to own them :)
      The Web Exclusives are comics we offer you for free. They are completed, which means they will not be updated. This is a bonus thing for the fans who really want to know more about the entire shared universe. These comics, as previously mentioned, are free so you can enjoy them whenever you want without paying a single cent. Of course it may be that our writer has a great idea for one of those comics and wants to continue them - in that case they will be moved to either the Read Now or Buy Now sections. But that is a topic for another time.
      Then we have our Shoutbox, basically where you can shout at us for whatever reason. We do prefer not to be yelled at, though ;)
      Last but not least is our Videos section, where you can watch all the videos we made for our comics. They are hosted on YouTube so you don't need to worry about payment or registering and whatnot.

      Now that we explained what's what, let's get on with the previous topic. Every time an issue of one of our mainline books is completed, it will be uploaded to comiXology. This takes a bit of time, of course and until the comic is available at the service, it will not be updated on our website. That means the wait between issues will be a few weeks. And I understand that you come here and want your comics, thats the whole point of this website after all - I do hope that you understand that we need this time to prepare the next issue. We wouldn't want to run into some publishing or schedule issues due to rushing things. Those of you that are with us for a while now think of Black Shadow and nod in agreement. So I hope you give us this time between issues to ensure you get the best comic possible.

      During this time of waiting we will keep the current comics in banner rotation. It's nice for newcomers and those who want to easily re-read a comic. We will also post new blog entries when a book is on break or a new issue arrives. Of course, every time a new title appears in our Buy Now section, we will also inform you.

      So I hope you enjoy this new year here in the void. Drop us a line in our Shoutbox, visit us on our social media pages by clicking those nice buttons in the menu bar and support us on comiXology by buying our books or tweeting about us, telling your friends and all that.

      See you around^^