Heroes of the Void is a shared comic book universe set in an alternate reality where technology has developed differently from ours. Genetic manipulation, cyberbionics and other upgrades are no longer a thing of fiction, but reality. Various powered people inhabit this world and of course not all of them are nice guys.

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Sunday, April 01, 2018 Spike Blog 43
So, here we are with a new month of comics. How exciting^^ First, before we begin, let me say that there will NOT be any updates during the first week of april because I am not at home. A comic convention is coming up and I am en-route to said convention. If you are near Vienna on April 7th or 8th come visit us at our booth. Great fun is to be had. Regular updates will resume April 10th with a new Psypher page. Just a heads up :) As for the rest of the month, we will update Psypher, Black Shadow and Replica on schedule. Please don't forget to like us on the social medias, maybe support me on patreon and thanks for reading our comics^^
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Spike Blog 55
Damn, I almost forgot the March Blog Post! Apologies, I was busy with a ton of things! The comics are progressing well, as you can see. We update regularly and there are no issues to report. There is a small comic con in Vienna in April called Vienna Comix and of course I will be there, so if you can attend, come and say hi, more on that next month^^ I'll bring some books, some single issues and a lot of fun! Speaking of fun, it would be fun if you check us out on comixology, support me on patreon or folow me on teh social mediaz^^
Monday, February 05, 2018 Spike Blog 273
And another month is here. What a great time to finish a comic. As of today, All ten Nightfighter issues have been released. Congratulations to everyone involved^^ As for me, after a short stint in the hospital for vanity issues I am back in the saddle and ready to do more comics. Psypher returns this month with issue 7 and Black Shadow and Replica are continuing their issues. So as you can see we keep ourselves busy here. If you like our comics, please give us a likes on the social medias or support me on patreon. See you next month :)
Monday, January 08, 2018 Spike Blog 199
I guess I'll go with actresses this year... Hello my friends to a new year. I hope you had a nice ride over the threshold. I myself surely had, I did stumble a bit but landed on my feet, so to speak. So without further ado, let's get going^^ We start the month by putting out more Nightfighter pages. Wednesday sees the return of the one and only Black Shadow and friday is of course more Replica. Psypher returns next month, more on that in february. Shade has a longer break as is customary between issues. There are new comics out on comiXology, go and check us out on that service it's a cool site, comes highly recommended. I am also planning new things for conventions so that's gonna be great. I hope your year will be amazing and if you are so inclined please share our comics on social media or follow us on facebook. Maybe even support me on Patreon, that would be great. See ya around^^
Monday, December 04, 2017 Spike Blog 184
A final end, but not for the comics of course. It's more of a fizzling out of content over the next few weeks. I'll update Nightfighter and Replica until the 22nd and then there will be a break in updates. We will return January 8th with a full slew of comics, however, when Nightfighter, Black Shadow and Replica all return, followed by a new Psypher in the same month once Nightfighter issue 10 is complete. 2018 will see a more regular update scheudle for all five books. I will also visit more comic conventions in and around Austria. So it's a busy year, that's for sure^^ Anyway, thanks for sticking with us - if you like the books please support us by telling your friends, co-workers or random people on the internet. If you are not like me and not constantly broke, maybe you could even support me on patreon^^