Heroes of the Void is a shared comic book universe set in an alternate reality where technology has developed differently from ours. Genetic manipulation, cyberbionics and other upgrades are no longer a thing of fiction, but reality. Various powered people inhabit this world and of course not all of them are nice guys.

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Friday, November 03, 2017 Spike Blog 18
I have no idea what title gags I'll do next year but they will be shorter, that's for sure. Anyways, welcome to a new month of comics. With Psypher and Black Shadow on break, we bring back Replica. Issue 4 is quite different from the previous ones in both tone and style - I want a different look and style for every single issue if possible because if Replica can change form, I figure the comic can as well. So this month we'll have some Nightfighter for you, Shade will finish this issue and Replica starts. Now is the perfect time to catch up with the latter, as the first three issues are a very fun read, if I may say so myself^^ As for you, I want to thank you for sticking with us, please follow me on facebook and twitter, read the Void Comics wiki and please, if you can spare a few bucks, support me on patreon :)
Monday, October 09, 2017 Spike Blog 41
The end of the year that is. Void Comics is going strong, so don't worry and welcome back! Man, that was a thing, two weeks without comics, how are we going to make up for that? Not only that, but we also had our 5th anniversary and nothing happened. Astounding, truly. But things are back on track and from here on out it SHOULD be smooth sailing, hopefully. There is not much to report, really, just us doing what we do best, some more comics. I'll cut this article short because everything that can be said for the month has already been said so here we go, thanks for sticking with us. As ever, like us on facebook, follow me on twitter, read our wikia or support me on patreon.
Monday, September 04, 2017 Spike Blog 92
Hello my friends and welcome to a new month of comics. I hope you are doing well :) As we gear up to our fifth anniversary, I have some sad news: The preperations I made for this event have not yielded the fruits I dared dream of. There are quite a few reasons, one of course is the aforementioned fact that the website redesign had to happen earlier than anticipated. I also planned two new videos but alas, things didn't work out with some logistics. There were also a few new comics that were supposed to be uploaded in their entirety to comixology but again, logistics got the better of me. So unfortunately, this will be a very event free anniversary in addition to one where we will be on break for a bit as well since I won't be around for a bit due to various reasons. So September updates as planned but October will put us on break for a bit, probably not the entire month but I can't say yet. I'll explain why after the fact because if things change again I wouldn't want to talk about things that didn't happen anymore maybe who knows. Boy, that last sentence was a real doozy but it reflects my current state of mind, unfortunately. Either way, we are still doing comics for a while so I hope you enjoy them. As ever, like us on facebook , follow me on twitter , read our wikia or support me on patreon .
Tuesday, August 01, 2017 Spike Blog 112
Welcome back dear friends to another great month of comics. I hope your July went well, or at least as well as it can. Mine was rather busy and I can tell you the great people I have the privilege of working with also had their hands full to make sure you get a great month of comics. So without further ado, let's jump right in^^ Our schedule for the month is Nightfighter on mondays, Psypher on tuesdays, Shade on thursdays and Replica on fridays. Now, Nightfighter begins a new issue, number 10 and that one ends the current storyline. It is a great comic and features some amazing artwork. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise. Psypher, Shade and Replica continue their issues as designed so you can also look forward to that, I hope you do. And with that we are already done for the month. I hope you enjoy reading our stuff. Please like us on facebook , follow me on twitter , read our wikia or support me on patreon .
Monday, July 03, 2017 Spike Blog 146
As summer is in full force over here, I decided to take a month off. There will be no new comics in july. Well, technically there will be no new comics starting the second week of july. Either way, I am on break until AUGUST 1st, which is a tuesday and thus we return with more Psypher then. Black Shadow will be on a longer break but August does see the return of Nightfighter with issue 10, a great comic you simply can't afford to miss. It will change your life in profound ways, like the second coming of Christ. Or maybe not. Either way, I am off to my vacation, which will mostly be spent with more work, preparing some printed comics for convention and starting preperations for our 5 year anniversary that is now a bit less spectacular than I wanted because we have this new website that was planned for that anniversary already. Alas, I'll think of something new. Enjoy your month. As usual, I hope you like us on facebook , follow me on twitter , read our wikia or support me on patreon .