Heroes of the Void is a shared comic book universe set in an alternate reality where technology has developed differently from ours. Genetic manipulation, cyberbionics and other upgrades are no longer a thing of fiction, but reality. Various powered people inhabit this world and of course not all of them are nice guys.

Updates on weekdays. Our stories are meant to be enjoyed by older teens and adults for display of violence, drug abuse and some nudity. All website content is free and will stay free. Some versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer do not support our flash gallery. Updating your browser and activating flash usually fixes that problem.
Thursday, February 07, 2019 Spike Blog 204
February is already upon us. I hope your first 30 or so days of 2019 were great^^

In February, updates will slow down to one page every week because I am incredibly busy with releasing a game or two, a book and a music album. So I hope you cn forgive me. Not sure about march yet, that depends on how february develops but I'll keep you postet. in the mean time, enjoy the comics we already share online and maybe get some of your own via amazon :)

If you like the comics, why not support me on patreon, get yourself some print comics or tell your friends?

Stay sharp my friends and see you around :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2019 Spike Blog 169
A happy new year to all of you my friends.

Welcome back to everyone who joins us from before and welcome to everyone who checks us out for the first time. Allow me to say that you have excellent taste in comics if you decide to read, re-read, buy or share our comics. I am Spike, the writer and "showrunner" of this thing (or is it storyrunner? bookrunner?) and I welcome you to Heroes of the Void.

Now, for those of you who are new, I write superhero comics set in a shared universe - nothing new for comics but that is the idea: Not re-inventing what works. Except for stakes and death, as I usually don't resurrect people. In this world, dead means dead.

So, how does it work? This is where our old readers come in, who have seen me experiment with many delivery formats. Not anymore. As of today, all comics will be delivered to you via LINE Webtoon, a free service without registration. So any comic you want to read will link you there where you can read it for free and easily on your desktop, tablet, phone... If it has a screen, it's probably supported.

And if you like what you see and want to support me, you can find our comics in print on amazon, to buy in high quality on comiXology and links to my patreon are also abound. New comics update TWICE EVERY WEEK until the comic is finished. Updates are usually Monday and Thursday and once an issue is done, we move on to a different comic. And that's it, really.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Void Comics, read some good books and I hope you have a great year ahead of you^^

Tuesday, December 25, 2018 Spike Blog 123
The end is nigh! At least the end of 2018^^ And man, what a year that was. While I don't want to go into too much detail let's just say that it was one of the best I ever had, which is nice. And I hope yours was equally awesome. As we end this year, let us reflect a bit on the comics. Finally completed Nightfighter Issue 10, got started on some new comics and some website revamps. I also revamped the delivery system which failed spectacularly so that was a lesson learned. But not all things bad stay bad, some lead to good things and as such, once the new year rolls around, I'll have new, great things to announce, so stay tuned for that. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and a Happy New Year for all of us come December 31st^^
Thursday, November 22, 2018 Spike Blog 225
Man, that new concept did NOT work out the way I hoped. I lost followers on all ends. This did NOT work as anticipated. On the other hand, there was a surge in readers over at Line Webtoon so I hope that the readers just switched from the website to webtoon. So this leads me to re-think my publishing strategy for the rest of the year. I will probably to a relaunch of the website come january, slightly revamped design, new comic reader, different focus. Not sure yet, but it will be fun to experiment. As for you, why not support us via patreon, buy our comics in print on amazon or digitally on cimixology? :) See you around, folks^^
Monday, October 01, 2018 Spike Blog 234
Happy anniversary, folks! It's been SIX years since I started this little website and man, what a ride that was :) In those six years we produced over four dozen comic books in multiple series, we put over twenty of those issues out in print via amazon, all of those prints and then some are available digitally on comiXology and other distribution platforms, we created four shortfilms - without a budget I might add - and many more things like posters, books and lithographies. We went from three comics in total to five comics a week and of course we introduced you to many incredibly talented and hard working artists. And after six years, it's finally time for a change! Starting today, on our six year anniversary, comics will be delivered differently from what we did the last six years. And that's a good thing! We are completely revamping the updating schedule for our comics from a weekly based system to a series based system. What does that mean? Well, from here on out we only focus on one single comic per issue. This issue will update three times a week - monday, wednesday and friday obviously - until it's completed. And then we move on without a break to another issue from another comic. That way you, the reader, can read your favorite comic more quickly than before and if you don't see a comic you like, waiting for new upates for the book you do like is less of a problem, as comics are updated more regularly. In the end, you still get the same amount of comics per year but in a much easier to read fashion. In between issues we'll sometimes also publish some sketches and previews of upcoming comics or the current comic. You'll be able to check those out as well. So yeah, that's our big plan for this year. There is more to come of course, as is always but for now I think let's establish our new delivery system and take it from there. If you are a fan of Shade, and why wouldn't you be, Shade will now be the first comic to get this new release schedule. It will update monday, wednesday and friday until the issue is done. So come back often and tell your friends, read us on line webtoon, comixology, in print via amazon and of course check out my twitter feed and support me on patreon if you can. Seeya around^^